One Without - Chained Lyrics

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One Without Lyrics

Chained Lyrics

As a friend
Loneliness takes my hand
Puts me to sleep at night
Embracing my silent wounds

Once again
I wake up with trembling hands
Unable to make a sound
The air is perfectly still around me

But the memories that I have are spinning
Making me go insane
I'm chained to the thought of losing everything I lived for
So I

Brace myself
In long-gone grief
Every step that I take
Means I'm one step farther away
I cut my tongue to remind myself
Of the pain that you feel
When you've lost the voice of someone dear

Reaching out
Trying to find someone
Someone who knows this pain
Gives me that soothe at night

Daylight sleeps
I'm walking alone again
Comfort is far from here
Wish I could get a glimpse of the future

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