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Otep Lyrics

Voyeur Lyrics

He has a webcam
And he likes to video himself...

He has a webcam
And likes to video himself...

With animals...

A stray dog..
The neighbor's cat..
Binding them..
Torturing them..
Murdering them..

He has a webcam
So I helped him understand

He woke to the sound of distant thunder
The rain had stopped and all was silent
Except for the dripping in the trees
His heavy breath, his heartbeat...

His eyes focused and found me
I spoke like a god
Gently I said, "I have a webcam
"And I like to video myself

He began to scream with the stitches held tight
He rattled the cage and pulled at the lock
With all his might...

So I electrocuted the bars and
He fell asleep from the charge and
I prepared to make him
A star...

He has a webcam
So I helped him understand...

When he woke
I asked him to sing me a song
He obliged but was often off key
So I removed his lower jaw...

Now his tongue juts out like a slimy slug
But he' so eager to please
Tapping the melody on the bars of this large cage
With un-clipped nails he plays...

And once I've had my fun
Bringing dark justice to this
Pathetic goblin
I will
And Drain...

And he will be scorched in a bath of pain...

I will drop him into the misty bayou
Where he will be a feast for
Serpents &
Insects &
Beasts &
All the putrid life of the murky bog...

And as he sinks, and as he screams
Into the lens of his webcam
I will play a farewell
An ode to the demons
Waiting for him
In Hell...

He has a webcam
So I helped him

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