The Pack - I Look Good Lyrics

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The Pack Lyrics

I Look Good Lyrics

It's the pack
Yup eeverybody to the dance floor
Let's go
Yeah we some good lookin kids

I look good walkin through with a bimbo
Sexy back get love like limbo
Sucker free yeah I'm from frisco
Ice on my chain make ya girlfriend shiver
Oh yeah I forgot to tell ya
The pack brand new so take a picture
We so fresh but I'm so fly
Red bull for the wings that's all I drink
Young L where you at
It's young L on the track nigga bring that back
Don't hate me cause your girl like me
Tan lucky charms like different colored stones
Ain't never fly on the rollin stones
Don't be stingy girl share that thonge
Mommy got rump
Let her shake butt
Skateboard straight thang back for ya main thing

I look good [x7]
Why you wanna hate on me [x3]
Shit I look good.

Ya ain't never fucked with a nigga this fly
Ice on my neck, money on my mind
Bendin it yeah shake that shit
Dance to that, do that shit
Don't be scared your a badass bitch
Come with the click so you get them tricks
Only find girls that like to fuck with the pack
Bust that pearl make ya chick run laps
Beat that pussy I'll break your back
What we like them sexy girls, pretty scared lexis girls, benz girls, bentley girls
Pretty ass purse I'll tell your whole click
Watch it hit the wall make it stick like a sticker
Yes, and you know I don't bicker Just say my name itll be even bigger

I look good [x7]
Why you wanna hate on me [x3]
Shit I look good.

Stunna man
I'm the man Ice Ice my neck
Money in my hand
Parked out side and I'm sittin on fans
Grab me a bad bitch, do yo dance
I look good, I look good
I'm the shit, I'm the shit
She know how I go Hand cuff yo chick
80's baby super sick
James bond super slick
Now come on girl just shake that shit
Look baby I'm a stunna, I don't know about you
Yeah the money old, but the whip brand new
Baby I got loot and a couple of coops
So we can cut to the spot and let's see how it do
Never been a hater so bring yo crew
And If you wanna get loose we can fuck in a booth

I look good [x7]
Why you wanna hate on me [x3]
Shit I look good.

Girls they debate on me, hey why you wanna hate on me
Hey I'm fly I'm the talk of the city
Young L track press play like diddy
Young sean ice on my wrist look pretty
Stop think about it
Take it down, run it out, lemme show you what we about
Bendin it girl earthquake that shit
Shake it right make L wanna bust yo shit
Yeah hey and you know what I'm bangin
Pack S.S. young niggas they hangin
Got my son don't mess with the fake man
Low profile no jakes man
Vans on, pants off, shorts on nigga we on like

I look good [x7]
Why you wanna hate on me [x3]
Shit I look good heyyy

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