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Propaganda Lyrics

I Ain't Got An Answer Lyrics

When it's apparent that you have failed as a parent
Too busy trying to pay rent, Homie now what?
Long gone are the days
You ain't takin your little big hair to a-so scrimmages no more
No football practice lil league movie nights no
You drive him too His cute little puppy love's girlfriend's doctor's appointment
She got a date with a sonogram yo boy is officially a statistic now what?
Yo lil man, he barely sproutin peach fuzz
He wanna be just like you, he writes poetry
He fill [1]... the Buffalo soldiers you chuckle
We live in the Suburbs
I work too hard for you to not struggle
You don't know what you talkin about
You soon find that social economic status does nothing for his skin color
To them he just a well dressed coon, who's parents got lucky
He's the butt of subliminal jokes
Like his friends refer to rap as jungle jive
They see him and go "Yo Homie Yo!" That's how ya'll talk right?
He's checked out, he's found other outlets
His good grades don't fix his depraved brain
He believes the gospel of young money YOLO
Yo, and as your momma drops you off at the mall remember as you skope out them Dunk's
And every bite you take of that number 1, animal style is a bite
You stole from your daughters tummy
Them Dunk's is about a month's worth of diapers and food
You fit and put on your feet
Homie this is your fault, your job, your responsibility
Don't get mad when momma don't give ya twenty bucks
It's your turn, I don't know what to tell you

I ain't got an answer
When it's apparent, that you have failed as a parent
Homie I ain't got an answer
Man I ain't got an answer
Homie I ain't got an answer
I don't know

It's apparent sometimes I think I've failed as a parent
And my son having autism is rough
But maybe he don't speak because words don't say much
Maybe he don't need words to communicate his love
And sometimes his silence causes me to stumble
It's possible he's a version of me that's more humble
And I think my child finds more joy in playin with my phone,
Playin on his own will he she'd a tear when I'm gone?
I'm wrestling with the shame of an outsider view of me,
Cause life is the spotlight on my own insecurities
But I know his laugh, it lights up a thousand rooms
And when he speaks to me it just like a flower blooms
This has just become my own digital diary
I'm at the doctor's office just hopin they would lie to me
That my son would be alright
But if he's not, my son would be alright
Cause he is God's
Autism, Single Cell, or Down Syndrome,
Still keepin the faith in the midst of hard livin'
We stand together cause we have no other place to go
My son and I we live and fight even though
I Ain't got an answer

When it's apparent that you have failed
As a parent, you cancel a quinceanera, cause lil mamas feta be one
Scroll through your brain's iPhone and unopened emails
How many daughters hugs did I not reply too?
You ain't lyin to me I know that song you singing
And that promise ring was real cute but it's really for the parents
She ain't savin it for marriage
And never had plans too, she in a fetal position, now carrying a fetus
Your world view officialy has left the philosophical
And is layin in your living room considering abortion
Them eighth grade boys is textin naked pictures and your daughter to each other, now what?
And baby girl lemme show panties as his Facebook picture, now what?
This is your fault and I ain't got an answer
Dad sit in it, soak in it, stew in it, you failed
Better get it together boy she needs you more than ever
And I ain't got an answer

It's like that moment when you realize the
Pinnacle, of modern psychology has failed you
At the end of modern psychology homie
All that junk, it fails
And yo little girl, yo little boy
He ain't the person you trained him to be
Look, I don't know
Man, I don't know,
I don't know the answer
Sho, you know?
Homie all that stuff look we gotta get our heads outs the sand homie
Life is happenin with our children
Look I'm not the answer, this album, this song, these records,
They ain't yo answer
I don't know the answer
But I know, I know who got the answer
And let's all point to the savior together boy
Look I ain't perfect neither is you
But let's look to the man that knows it
I'll walk with you boy I promise you
Pray for me, I'll pray for you let's raise our
Kids boy, we don't have to may models out there
I know like you know let's set a new standard for fathers
Let's be there for our kids

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