Sahara Hotnights - Static Lyrics

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Sahara Hotnights Lyrics

Static Lyrics

Whatever happened to the cynic I knew
The moments I missed and every chance that I blew
What have we learned from all the ups and downs I've been through
I used to say never again and promise someday soon
But there was never no other but my point of view
Stuck in my ways so don't come with
It's what you do

I don't wanna be saved and that's why I stay
I don't wanna change how I spend my days
I'm making it hard, it's the easiest way

Girl how can you be so sure?
Staying static helped no one before

For you I didn't give in I went on and on
Wanted to fit in somewhere i never belonged
With no shoulder to lean on when my demons were beat and gone
There was your hand when I reached though you always swore
You wouldn't care for someone who didn't care anymore
Leaves me wondering why you didn't walk out before

Here it comes again
I have seen it in all of my friends
But they can act and they pretend
How I wish I could hide it like them

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