Sahara Hotnights - Stupid Tricks Lyrics

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Sahara Hotnights Lyrics

Stupid Tricks Lyrics

My stupid tricks do you know how to fight them
You're beeing fooled even worse than you know
It takes brains are you sure that you got it
Checked your reaction but it seemed too slow

Cracking jokes I know you tried to ignore them
Still woke up with my laugh by your side
Caught you sleeping through the brightest of hours
You still think you can avoid me after all those times you've tried

If we ever find out
nothing surprises us anymore
If we ever go down there
asking what we came here for
Our stupid tricks

Scoring points your silence made me the winner
You weren't there when I changed all the rules
You keep looking over your shoulder
Repeating old mistakes and we make them feel brand new

Too uptight to show that we care
and we ain't got one minute to spare
We got a hard time coming if we're not prepared

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