Satan's Host - Black Magick Lyrics

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Satan's Host Lyrics

Black Magick Lyrics


This is the Higher Art of Black Magick.
By those and whom that now forever practice.
All that is Unholy, beyond human flesh.
Incomprehendible, where in mind we decend.
Phenomena before time, Sacred Secrets.
This Ancient Incantation awakens from beyond.
Summoned formulations, where the Elders Roam.
Feel this Spirit of 'Ol, Deep within your Soul.
Left Hand Ideology, A Luciferian Devouring.
Rebellious Satanist, it is in this Life Philosophy.
Dark Craft, Forever More... Black Magick.
Through all fires deep in your mind,
Bring forth knowledge older than time.
This Power Sanctifies our Future: Divine.
Transformation, Death in your Eyes
Where now through veins of history; Primal Guise.
Past and Future, Kingdoms Arise...Permeating Life.
Desire, Timing, Imagery, Direction.
Balance Factor, Emotional Ritual.
Crystallized Darkness, Inspiration: Nocturnal Primal.
Black Magick...Theory, Practice.
Black Magick...The Greater Art.
Black Magick...Theory, Practice.
Black Magick...The Greater Art.
Black Magick.
Bring forth knowledge older than time,
Powers of Wisdom are now Sanctified.
Our Future Permeates Life Beyond,
Divine Domination, All of Creation.
Seamless in this night, Doorways primal fire;
Cascading Souls Eternal.
Surreal where Death Awakens,
Feel this Witching Lore forsaken.
Never ending entities now arising,
Hell-Winds of Satan now beckoning.
Summoned forth now by this Eve,
What was is and still remaining.
Conscious minds, an evolution,
We create visualization.
Left Hand Philosophies,
Desire, Timing, Imagery, Direction
Balance factor.
All is Eyes of Blackened Soul,
Emotional, Forbidden is this Lore.
Sheer motion, Completeness
Before the birth of man.
What was is and still remains...Forever More.
Azure Crimson falls: Summoned.
Where Death Will Awaken your Indoctrination.

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