Satan's Host - Chameleon of Witchery Lyrics

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Satan's Host Lyrics

Chameleon of Witchery Lyrics

Chameleon of Witchery.
Chameleon of Witchery.
I transform society, Incantations awakening.
Veins of Wisdom are flowing;
This Chameleon of Witchery.

Centuries ~ Iniquity
Where by thy Will I am Belief.
Our Universal, this Energy
A Silent-Ring... Echoing.
Wisdom, Evolution
Where as What you think
Truth Becoming.
Fourth Dimension, Reality Alive!

A Chameleon of Witchery,
Where my Demon is released.
This Chameleon of Witchery,
Evoking the Curse, you Bleed.
A Chameleon of Witchery.

The eyes of glance that curse your soul,
Now in what forever... Wwwaaahhh!

A Cryptic Sanctum,
Where now the Stars align.
Show the future,
Primal Consecration.
Binding Spirits and Energy,
Beyond the Living, Beyond the Dead.
Sacred Wisdom: Quintessence
This Inner Fire and Belief.
To formulate a Strength within,
This Shadowed Being Awakens.

Our Universe of sight abound,
We form in Power the 10th. Degree.
Forever beyond this hour,
We're in the Nocturnal Awakening!
This Chameleon of Witchery,
Where my Demon is Released.

Here I am now above you,
And Inside you.
The Ecstasy of Mystery.


A Mental Evolution, Telepathy
Where as What you think, Truth Becoming.
Our Fourth Dimension, Reality
Black as candles burn; Cascading.

[Harmony Lead]

From this Chameleon of Witchery,
Evoke my curse as you Bleed.
This Chameleon of Witchery,
Where my Demon is now released.

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