Satan's Host - Demontia Lyrics

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Satan's Host Lyrics

Demontia Lyrics

Upheaval in time
Lost within space
My Demons bind
Dark Light escapes

Dimensions melting
Right before our eyes
Multiple consciousnesses
Extraterrestrial ties
Modern narrations
Invention of lies
An Ancient history
Systematically deprived

What do the cards hide?
Salvation is but a lie
Confusion engulfed in strife
Godhead ascending high

Above and below
They dwell among us
The Evil ones
Who wish to enslave us
Broken spirit
The open door behind
Into oblivion
Slaughter before us

Slaves of men
Mind controlled subform
Slaves of men
To implore total control
Slaves of men
An ongoing galactic war
Slaves of men
A new age to explore

Walls of the black abyss
Souls rejoiced in bliss
to the bloody truth
Of lies that entwine our lives

Sickness masquerading
The truth that rules our lives
Prepare to take your side

Awakening of the mind
Powers of the soul

Suddenly your quest
Ends in horror
Your bloody carcass
Being devoured
New World Order
A massive slaughter
Stardust we were
Black energy scattered

Upheaval in time
Lost within space
My Mind burns
Dark Light escapes

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