Satan's Host - H.E.L.L. Lyrics

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Satan's Host Lyrics

H.E.L.L. Lyrics

I see there is a great darkness
Beyond the stars,
Someone stepping forth
It is the Prince of Darkness.
He looks unto me
Walking and whispering,
The great secret of time
Unknown to mankind.
Hermetical Evolution Living Life.

Welcome to H.E.L.L.
A spiritual echo on this night.
Welcome to H.E.L.L.
Now I stand sword in hand under command.
Welcome to H.E.L.L.
Doing ALL to resurrect OEANUA.

These Magickal forces of history
That instruct my Wizardry.
Are now divine entities evoked!
This is our path to be
It is our destiny.
Doorways will open wide
Fulfilling life and time.
All other gods express
Some of what I inscribe.
A true spawn of Black Magick,
The Great Black Infernal Flame.
Spectral constellations
In a galaxy far beyond,
Now begin to formulate
By our mental as we shape...
One Hermetical Philosophy.

From our hand of glory
Too a serpents kiss,
And around this world
Beyond the Hierophant.

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