Satan's Host - Inferior Worlds Lyrics

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Satan's Host Lyrics

Inferior Worlds Lyrics

From the dawn of time
Stardust engineered flesh
Dying planet in darkness
Precious gold for life

Knowledge of technology
Set free for salvation
A war in the deep space
The serpent suppressed inside

Inferior Worlds
Truth of forbidden lies
Inferior Worlds
Scandals of all Time

Hierarchy of the elite
Occultic twisted Magick

Beg for your life
Discovered inside
Heretic burn for your Evil deeds
I am the beast
The true deceiver
With your prayers
I will surely succeed

Ancient Godly wisdom
Perverted Dogma Virus


Depression, oppression
You're minds I now own
Filling your hearts with
Madness and war
I rape, I pillage, destruction of all
Spilling the blood of nations fall

Like a plague
Consuming your carcass
Throw your reasons into the abyss
I teach, I will, destruction of all
Poisoning the well of life for all

Inferior Worlds
Like a horrible dream
Inferior Worlds
A Nightmares wish come true

Smell the incense
Swirling around you
Silver tools in the moonlight
Respect and not play the fool
Damned Fool!
Fumbling Chaos!!
Damned Fool!

Looking Into the mirror
Smoky blue visions
Out of the mirror
Your dreams come true

Dropped onto the sands
Black specks in time
I am Tyrant, "Devil"
Your will is mine
Leviathan the seas
Can tempt your lust

Spread your spirit
And your mine
I will deny you
And all your lies
The Goat we are

Inferior Worlds
Into a new life
Inferior Worlds
Die those who die!

Leaving for Whatever
Sands of Time
Bleak the Horizon
By the Hands of the Devil!

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