Satan's Host - Inside the Castle of Euphoric Blasphemy Lyrics

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Satan's Host Lyrics

Inside the Castle of Euphoric Blasphemy Lyrics

Lucifer!! Leviathan!! Satan!! Belial!!
History carves her beauty into the very veins of apathy.
Revealing sins that creep into the blood that we now bleed.

Inside the castle of euphoric blasphemy,
Summoning Demons by Left Hand fire shadows.
Evoke Asmoday, Astaroth, Baphomet.
Unseen dimension through subconscious.
A realm, recreation
Powers now we create.
Bring thou will, breath of life.

As angels sing under a gargoyle-twilight.
Supernatural powers, energy eternal source
Inside the castle of euphoric blasphemy.
Shadow flames that burn now are flickering.
Inside then far beyond the human mind,
A place where thoughts...
You think it and it appears
A Tetrahedron, Psychomantium
Doorways of Quintessence.

In the Devil's den on the top floor
Worldly transformations emanate from his orb.
Wisdom is a catalyst where Warlords travel through.
Creatures congregate as a Demon alien faced.
Centuries of knowledge welter on the shore
From the sea of consciousness.
Embodied transformation,
Infinite constellations. Burn...Burn...Burn...

Inside the black castle of euphoric blasphemy
Where there is an elder wisdom calling me.
All that can be know beyond comprehension
Formulates the mind in time dimension.
Rings of evil thirteen now there are,
Divine purity in the seed of darkness.
Formless energy transformate into any and everything
Metaphysical manifesto.

Inside the sacred Orb, A Black Magick scepter.
Designed by the Devil, powered now by the Dead
Time travel in the top turret. Supernatural powers a source of energy.

Inside the castle of euphoric blasphemy.
Spirits now appearing inside the black castle of euphoric blasphemy.
As I hear an elder wisdom calling. Hypnotic devour, Illusions conceived.

Rings of evil, thirteen now there are
Divine purity, seed planted in dark.
Supernatural power source of energy,
From an Ancient lore, enchant prophecy.
By my Black Art...Magick Necromancia.

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