Satan's Host - Mystical Millenia Lyrics

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Satan's Host Lyrics

Mystical Millenia Lyrics

Beyond our plane of consciousness
A profound change occurs.
Vortical prisms in the mind
Solidify psychic levels.
Ancient ways
New Dimension

Time is altered
~ New 5th Aeon~
Mystical millennia
Immanent domain
Neurotic demise
Cataclysmic espy.
No illusion ~ Divine truth
Supernatural rays.

Invocation, higher power
our legions consummate.
Ancient ways
New dimension
Time is altered

~Sets us free from flesh~
Mystical Millennia
New Dimensions,
Sacraments of time.

Nocturnal winds of Pan
Cryptic oddities
Vapors animate
Cosmic galaxies.
Baphomet & fire
Deadly torrent chrism,
Iniquitous exorcism.

Scything spheres through time.
418 Clairvoyant arcane flight.

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