Satan's Host - Souls in Exile Lyrics

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Satan's Host Lyrics

Souls in Exile Lyrics

[1st verse]
As we walked into the cemetry
you would not belive what we saw
All the souls -
They were gathered around there :
My magick circle and me
And they took their sacred cross
they had among them
and proceded to give it unto me
Now it's said
"You can never find a demom
unless you are his friend."

[1st chorus]
Souls in Exile -
We're gonna make you burn
in your bloody grave !
Souls in Exile -
You can pray for help
but you will never be saved !
Souls in Exile -
No one left
No one to tell
Souls in Exile -
We'll dial the bloody digits of hell

666 on your head :
Sacrifice !
You ll be dead !

[2nd chorus]
Souls in Exile -
There will come time
you will have to pay !
Souls in Exile -
Get down on your knees
before it's too late !
Souls in Exile -
You're going to die
we have sealed your fate !
Steal the cross !
Hang the priest !
Evil patrons of the Beast

[2nd verse]
Kill ! Kill at our command !
Conquer the land !
We'll make you burn !
Tie you to a cross :
Turn you upside down -
Your flesh melts to the ground !
Capturing your soul ;
Controlling your mind -
Your life vein shall be sliced !
Ending your life -
Enter our world
You shall go !

[3rd verse]
Summon the demons -
Straight up from hell
Conjuring devils -
With forbidden spells
Enter your nightmare -
Riding the wings of Hell
You are our victims
You are our pawns
Drifting through life,
you 'll do what we want
Pray to your god -
for he has never been :
He will never be !

[Repeat 1st and 2nd chorus]

[4th verse]
When the Death Angel
calls you
he has your number :
It's your time to die.
This is the ned
of your mortal life !
Through the gates of Hell,
final judgement falls upon you -
Now is the end of your time !
We now cast your souls in exile -
Welcome to the forgotten land
of Death.
Souls in Exile !

Now we have become unconquerable !
Since the begining of time
our power has grown ever stronger !
There is no doubt,
the work is unchangeable :
Our Warriors can not be defeated !
Darkness possesses the earth -
We are the chosen ones
Our legacy has now been fulfilled !
The power of Satan's Host
has come to its summit !
These times are hard
but with much meaning :
Time after time won't be black
This is just a passing through time
from the begining untill the end :
The future is all you can ever
hope to find !
Untill the end of eternity
we will reign this unholy place !
Stand up ! Be strong !
We dedicate this song to -
All the people we have tarmpled !
We are Evil !
We have Won !
We are the Final Race !

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