Satan's Host - "The Cursing" Vampyric Evil-Eye Lyrics

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Satan's Host Lyrics

"The Cursing" Vampyric Evil-Eye Lyrics

Vampyric Evil-Eye, "The Cursing"

Cursing is now, Forever Essential
One time or another, We Deem it Appropriate

Never no Caution of use
Knowledge in Sorcery
When Evil is Unleashed

Shadows Gather, We form within
Circle Daevodata, Power forms Essence
From when I lite, Black Candles Burn
Imagining you fade far away

Light Devouring, By the Light of Darkness
Serpent-n-Wolf, Feel the Fire it Grows

Down upon your Soul, Unholy Shadow
Vampyric Eye, Watching you Die

Creatures, Devour
Shadows Consume
Twilight Evil
Demons Release
Unholy Wrath
Supreme Hierarchy

We'll Raise it High, Hells' Staff
The Power now, Forever Breathes...Evil-Eye


Vampyric Evil-Eye
Raping your Soul at Midnight
Vampyric Evil-Eye

We Make them Suffer
Building Our Temples
Out of Human Skull
Our use of Intellect
When in Death and Battle
Letting Darkness
Now take form


Vampyric Evil-Eye,
Raping your Soul, as you Die!

From all Shadows
Death is your Desire
"The Cursing,"
Vampyric Evil-Eye

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