Satan's Host - Witches Return Lyrics

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Satan's Host Lyrics

Witches Return Lyrics

I am the burning shadow screaming in the night
My yearning passion is to rise up on flaming wings
Could it be the answer to return this evil night
Hell born deciples have summoned the burning light
Have you ever had the feeling you'll rise up on hells hot wings....
Hells hot wings... YEAH!

This is the night of forgotten agony;
The wrath of vengeance will now unfold
This is the night you will feel our power.
SATAN's our master you've sold your souls
Enraged in us is an angry hatred
the power of the witches tears
Enraged in us, the old ones rituals...
Man is god and god is Man!

The witches shall return and you'll forever burn.
When the witches shall return Hail, Hail them


Tonight is the night the witches shall return,
they'll take you to the fire so you will ever burn.
Arise, arise tormented ones of old,
they burned you a the stake and left your corpse to mold
In Salem you thought you had got rid of us
but we've retuned Christianity is dead.
Each church aflamed unholy house of blasphemy,
you preach your lies, heaven is our hell!

With the power of the black candle wick,
these modern day inquisitors.
Turn to the grotto of the underground,
devils caldron the final plan.
On cloven hoofs and wings of fire,
the two-headed black God raged.
With the power of death by our side,
created life for the strong and the wicked

[Chorus, Bridge, Proclamation]

Never will you leave him, you will ever preach him,
Kiss the hand of SATAN forget your mortal god!
You will burn in heaven, you will never leave there,
ritual of darkness has begun!

Mighty hammering of a thunderous wrath
stormed the outer-most regions of the Abyss
to create a tremendous horror of
emptiness and a violent birth of death-
The four crown prince's of Hell.
(Satan, Lucifer, Belial, and Leviathan),
were awakened from their long and ancient slumber!
For the magickal rite of Life, Death-
Power, Strength, Hate, Love, and War
were the armor which bonded SATAN'S HOST
with the Lord of the Dark.
"We are not blinded by the demon
hypocrisy of the white light fool!"
"There is no grace: there is no guilt:
This is the law: DO WHAT THOU WILT!"
They took form of a fiery-eyed serpent:
lashing out from an enraged sea,
its tail twisted around the throats
of the damned with a poisonous venom,
it left a foul taste of vengeance
and a burning in their hearts.
As Satan spread His wings,
the summit of knowledge grew
in the minds of the kings of Hell on Earth
and from the mouth of SATAN'S HOST
spewed forth the hottest flames of Hades!
Like a black shadow across the face of the Earth,
SATAN'S HOST music was
destined to unmask the masked.
Caught within the grasp of insanity
and a very confused society of the blind,
they endured all the chaos of mindless actions
and ignorant interference.
Through all the interference with their plans,
SATAN'S HOST still continued onward:
a never-ending pillar of dedication
and persistence drove them
to conquer the trials of- Life and Death-

Each church aflame unholy house of blasphemy,
you preach your lies, heaven is our Hell!


This is the night of the forgotten of agony,
the wrath of vengeance will now unfold.
This is the night you'll feel our power SATAN
is our master you've sold your souls!


Enraged in us is an angry hatred.
The power of the witches tears.
Enraged in us are the old ones rituals...


The witches shall return and you'll forever burn.
When the witches shall return we all shall forever burn
Forever and ever and ever and ever .......forever.... BURN!

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