Silence Of A Silhouette - Give Me A Sign Lyrics

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Silence Of A Silhouette Lyrics

Give Me A Sign Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Ive never met someone as perfect as you
Without a single flaw, it seems you always draw me in
We make decisions that well later regret
But its not necessary, to make this so temporary

Weve been thru hell
(Weve been thru hell)
But we always found a way to work things out
Weve come too far to destroy something so wonderful

Just give me a sign
To let me know
Is your heart still mine
Or should I just let go?
Ill give you all the time you need
If you come back to me
Come back to me

[Verse 2:]
Its the distance that kills us
But Ill give you your space
If it makes you happy enough
To put a smile on your face
If this is really the end
I have one final confession
That since our eyes met
Ive always felt I was in
When we touched
When you smiled
When wed kiss
All the while

[Bridge 1:]
Why cant you lie to me?
Tell me what I want to hear
Lie to me

[Bridge 2:]
How could you do this to me?
Can you change your mind?
Its not impossible
Its just another obstacle
Saying sorry,
Wont make things any better
But I can forgive and forget
(forgive and forget)
Forgive and forget

Just give me a sign
Come back to me
How could you, how could you do this to me?
What about our, what about our love?

I loved you so damn much.

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