Smokie - One Night In Vienna Lyrics

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Smokie Lyrics

One Night In Vienna Lyrics

I was walkin the streets of Vienna
Just a shootin' my mind
when an angel of the night
She stopped, said are you looking
for a good time
Well I'd had me a whisky or two
and I had nothing else better to do, so
I said come on let's get down
and she blew my - mind
One night in Vienna
I was your lover, you were my friend
One night in Vienna
One night I never wanted to end
wanted to end
Oh, oh, oh
Said I'd meet her on the corner
Same time, same place
Lots of street girls passed me by- but
No sign of my angel's face
then another one stopped me
And I couldn't resist
But she just left me standing
with akeepsake and a kiss
One night in Vienna...
I often wonder whatever happened
to my angel
One night in Vienna...

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