Stormrider - Conflictual Insanity (Gott Mos) Lyrics

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Stormrider Lyrics

Conflictual Insanity (Gott Mos) Lyrics

I believe in myself as the one.
Responsible for what I do in my life.
I am God, the only one, in my world.
No one else can decide my beliefs.
I want to believe in something unreal.
Blaming someone else for my mistakes.
A god somewhere taking care of me.
Never doubt anything, blinding faith.

I am strong in myself, all alone.
Human contact I despise, not for me.
I don't need anyone for anything.
Love is just another lie, Christian lullaby.
I am so all alone, please help me.
Shatter this prison I've built for myself.
Longing for someone to stand by my side.
For true love I would give up everything.

"Conflictual insanity, different sides, same personality.
You can't deny what you feel, contradictive mind.
Shades of grey, could it be different extremes.
In the end its the same, chaotic life."

I will take what I want, when I want.
My own needs I satisfy immediately.
I refuse to deny my inner beast.
World of flesh is all there is, ever was.
I will give of what I have all the time.
Living in simplicity is all I need.
I am not a predator of this world.
Must it be so hard for all to see?

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