Stormrider - God Is Dead Lyrics

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Stormrider Lyrics

God Is Dead Lyrics

I am in a storm of rage
pure is the flame of hate
You run and hide
the monster you flee is me
From birth until now
filled with all your holy lies

You created the devil in me
murder for pleasure
raping just to see your pain
pillage you of your existence
Burning your holy ground
you blame your anti-Christ

I want to see you bleed
burn in your own lies
I am coming for you
to teach you what it means
I am your anti-Christ!

What it really is
raped or killed
What it really is
believe or damned
What it really is
obey or die

You created the devil in me
I steal your breath away
you better believe

You blame your anti-Christ
you are nothing more
you are nothing less
Holy father of lie and sin
You shall die in a storm of fire

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