The Stormrider - Montsacrum (Ready To Die) Lyrics

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The Stormrider Lyrics

Montsacrum (Ready To Die) Lyrics

[Act III]

A secret lies behind all life
That everything was born to die
But if my life I gave to you
No death could separate our ways,
I know it's true

Even if death is just the end
Even if no mountain awaits
Beside your heart I want to die
Against this destiny no enemy can fight

Winter now flies
All over this land
I feel somehow
That this time is the last

For only one moment
This vision of mine
Wrapped me somehow...
...I kissed your last breath

Will you hear this song Will we find our grace?
In the end united fates

Wait for me my love
Can't you hear this song?
Please don't fear the end
And forever take my hand...

I'm Ready to Die...
I know the time has come...
The time has come...

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