Sunset Atlantic - State Line Lookout Lyrics

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Sunset Atlantic Lyrics

State Line Lookout Lyrics

Just a small-town boy
cursed with a lust
for the finer things in life
I've had my share of chances
and pissed them all away
and I've got a plan
to turn small town nightmares
to big city dreams
the world is at my feet
and I'll take it all
Here's a toast to all the kids back in New York
To all our friends
you made the difference
between roads and home
Let down

And we'll dance like kings and queens
and we'll spend the whole night
making eyes like we've seen
the most beautiful thing
since the dawn of the spring
oh God, forgive me
(Oh God forgive me)

and we'll dance (and we'll dance)
and we'll dance

It's so obvious we're all
here to share the moments of our lives
And here's a toast to all the shows back in New York
and all the armory kids that sang our every word


Wheels keep on turning
I'm still burning
'cuz the fires hot.
Three months yearning
for some new skin
to bring us what we want.
and let's dance it up!
The night's not over,
no, it's never enough.
With every hit I'm taking
I keep coming back for more.

and here's a toast
to all the critics and scene whores


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