Terminal Choice - Why Me Lyrics

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Terminal Choice Lyrics

Why Me Lyrics

"Er muss leiden,
so wie alle seine Opfer leiden mussten."

there's a secret inside your mind
you don't want to tell it to someone else
you feel ashamed
you feel ashamed
of what has happend in your past

you can't stand any kind of tenderness
your heart's like stone
but you wish you could love someone

there's a pain in every kiss you get
you sleep with a nightmare in your bed
you hate every touch on you
no way out what can you do?
you try to find the pain inside
you try to find a way to hide
your bleeding soul from every men
you don't want humiliation again

sometimes you wish you could see him again
you want to look into his eyes
and ask him why
why me?

but you know that you only feel
hate and aggression for this fucking bastard
you wish he would be dead
why me?

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