Texas Renegade - Be Alright Lyrics

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Texas Renegade Lyrics

Be Alright Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Andy Bertelsen

The flowers didnít grow at all this summer
Through the cracks in the concrete
And the smog came in so thick through the shutters
That I could hardly see the street

As buildings fell in their same old fashion
To demolition ball and chain
Till just like all our love and passion
Only memories remain

Itís a hundred and ten degrees
But alone itíll be cold as hell tonight
So you go out and light your little fires
You say its out of mind as long as Iím out of sight

and I said hey
Everything gonna be alright
Thereís a better way
But it might not be tonight

Cause everybody loves you and nobody cares
Everybodyís leaving but you ainít going nowhere
Girl I know that it donít seem fair at all tonight
But its gonna be alright

Now these days the blues all look like black
And Iím making revolutions running down a one way track
Well I aint gone but I aint coming back and you know its sad
The way its gone
From good to bad


Now thereís something in the water
That must be getting in my head
Cause everybody is dying
Or there already dead
They got the drug store closed up
The doors theyíre all locked
They got the streets of this town rolled up with the sidewalks
Where I sleepout on the lawn letting nobody in
Just a waiting on the dawn to come around and break me again

As I wonder
When will it all end
When will it all end
When will it all end


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