Texas Renegade - Best Asset Lyrics

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Texas Renegade Lyrics

Best Asset Lyrics

Well its obvious
You donít love me anymore
I could tell today by the carefree way that you walked right out the door
So Iím going down to the bar to drink away my pain
And for the first time in a long time I wont hear you complain

and your beat asset was always your rear end
And I might get lost in the memories every now and then
And thought I love you more than ever
I wont make you stay
Cause girl you look so good every time your
Walking away

Well now her butt
It was the perfect size and shape
And it made up for her ugly attitude and her aura of disgrace
And sheís done me wrong
For long enough I think
Hell she logged plenty of miles just driving me to drink


Now you have done me wrong again
In this romance
We couldíve had something special but you never gave it a chance
And if you want to do me one favor
To help ease the pain
Iíll take a five by eight of your best asset
Up in a picture frame


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