Texas Renegade - Renegade Lyrics

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Texas Renegade Lyrics

Renegade Lyrics

Well they robbed a bank in San Antone
Now theyíre south to Mexico
With a bag full of money a tank full of gas
Driving toward the border fast

Two young Texan renegades
Running form the law with a loaded 12 gauge
Living their lives town by town
Make it to the border or get gunned down

But thatís the life of a renegade
Looking over your shoulder everyday
Yeah thatís the life of a renegade
But when you hit that border
The renegade has got it made

This wonít be the first time they broke the law
But it will be the first time that they took it so far
Cause now theyíre speeding down I-35
Pushing their luck in a rusty old beat up ride


Got them holed up north of the Rio Grande
At the Last Dance Motel a pistol in each hand
Said give up now boys itís the end of the line
They just loaded their guns and rushed out into the night


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