Texas Renegade - South of Sanity Lyrics

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Texas Renegade Lyrics

South of Sanity Lyrics

Somebody save me
from everything Iíve found
I will not say a thing
I will not make a sound

Cause you clipped my wings
you left me on the ground
And now I wear these broken dreams
just like a crown

and Iíve been staring at the ceiling
all damn day
just waiting for this feeling
to go away
hearing voices in my head
that sound like everything she said
well I got company, south of sanity

Thereís holes in my soles
and blood on my feet
and I get it in my mouth
every time I speak

and itís a long way to innocence
from the back of my mind
but Iím gonna drown my sins
and anything else I find
in a bottle of wine


yes I know its getting late
but I just couldnít sleep
I was lying here awake
Wondering what you think of me

Its these days when Iím slipping in between
My imagination my memories
My memories and dreams


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