Texas Renegade - State of Mind Lyrics

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Texas Renegade Lyrics

State of Mind Lyrics

The morning sun shines so bright in my eyes
Cause I stayed up late again last night
No I wasnít drinking, smoking or carrying on
I was just playing my guitar singing sad and lonely songs

Well I played the fool again
As long as Iím led by my heart I guess Iíll never win
But I know itíll be alright
I just donít know if I can take another lonely night

and all my friends theyíre worried
Cause they say Iím acting strange
They all say there must be some screws loose
Deep inside my brain
But I know Iíll be alright
Cause all I need is time
And I aint going crazy
Its just my state of mind

That union pacific
Sounds off as it rolls on through town
And from where I sit in the dark
Itís a cold and lonesome sound

Its cold and grey
I been here all day
Iíve spent way to much time in this place
And the pictures on the wall
They donít say too much at all
They keep the same sad looks on their face


And I donít know why
Things turned out like this
My heart struggles with my brain
It makes no sense, it makes no sense


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