Texas Renegade - Way I Am Lyrics

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Texas Renegade Lyrics

Way I Am Lyrics

Andy Bertelsen and Matt Pigg

TV is making me crazy
Late night shows its three am
My dreams are pushing up daisies
Iím wearing out memories to keep from giving in

But these days I feel a little bit lonely
These nights I feel a little bit scared
And sometimes I wish that youíd want me
Now and then I pray that youíd care

Iím gonna love you
Just as long as I can
And donít try to stop me
Baby itís the way that I am

Well I been waiting up all night
For the telephone to ring
Iíve been knowing itíll be alright
Iíve been praying that your all I need

But your so high above me
Where fate is thin in the air
That if you ever come back down
You wont believe that Iím still here


You been walking around
Like a fool in the dark
And when you cant reach your stepping stone
You just use my broken heart

But what am I left to do
On this hot midsummer night
With this state of sin that you left me in
And the feeling that this aint right

Chorus x2

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