Thee Infidels - Heaven Smells Lyrics

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Thee Infidels Lyrics

Heaven Smells Lyrics

I thought I got it but I'm on the chasm again
Caught in a vicious circle without realistic plan
I always pursuated myself everything's ok
Now I know I'm addicted and it sucks in every way

Same agenda everyday makes our life dulled and pissed
I hope someday we'll realize our faults and what we missed
But till then we enjoy some more years of weed and booze
And everything thats left of our dazed and fucked up youth

We don't wanna run away
From our judgement day
Hell's not a bad place to be
Cuz the other side is no opportunity

We booked a place in hell
Think we earned it well
Learned who's above can fall
And know your heaven smells
We always preached it well
Only reached the shell
We focus the ungods
And know your heaven smells

We just lived for the moment man but now I'm twenty one
No incoming so mid month all pocket money's gone
Gradually I'm sick of being chronically broke
Just for having little fun and giant clouds of smoke

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