Thulcandra - Legions Of Darkness Lyrics

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Thulcandra Lyrics

Legions Of Darkness Lyrics

In nocturnal rapture
The armies gather
Drunk on blood
And crushed paraphernalia

Severed christian heads
Dangle from clenched fists
Our war cry echoes
Down the valley of the damned

Rise master
To thine glory we pledge our allegiance
Thy kingdom we enforce
Upon the midget souls

Weak and fading rulers
Tumble in our storm
Bones shatter
As we ride towards the sunset

We impale the clerics
On poles of pure evil
In ecstasy we rejoice
And eat the brains of the saviour's slaves

Death on horseback
Aligned with war, hatred and pestilence
Satan smiles and opens his jaw
To swallow the usurpers of heaven

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