Thyestean Feast - Sindemonium Lyrics

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Thyestean Feast Lyrics

Sindemonium Lyrics

Eclipse of adherence in last shadows of fading sun
Aftertaste of lost mortality now parched and gone
Mortify all sins of man and deeds long done
Be tamed for slavery

Gorges in my flesh bare faiths decay
Where swollen heart feasts karmas repay
I breed without will with bastard beasts,
braziers of Abaddon reek ribald breeze
High-throned deeds for pride now lost
For my dissident entrails now embrace the cross
I vomit my last supper of bitter shame,
But carnal-wed soul weeps deepers stain

O Sindemonium

Hectic moments of surging agony
Melt with pleasures to form harmony
When crucified bodies wear eternity,
Demons and men in matrimony
These monasteries where sacraments weep
Abound with perverted aesthetes
My embalmed dreams where horrors lurk
Now learn to love this masterwork

So when end threatens this purgatory,
Near swans of silvered skies.
My tormented soul to war I carry
To defend this beloved paradise

O Sindemonium

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