Thy Primordial - The Conquest Lyrics

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Thy Primordial Lyrics

The Conquest Lyrics

An infernal spell swept through the cold nocturnal sky
In the forest beyond
The shadows is whispering secrets of the unknown
Unknown secrets of a forgotten past

Arrival of black, dark, mystic time
In liberation of a past forgotten they gather
The darkest realms of evil
In a time that once... was

Floating in a spell, I hear whisperings from the shadows
Calling secrets which once was unknown
Far away from the daylight far away from mortal life
In the immemorial forest beyond i'm watching the realms
Gather in blackness
I am one in realm to be
When voices calling in below
Then, Thou shall never see me again
As i'm there as a fairytale left with no end

The revelation of a secret
The conquest and the mercy
...I at least know the end

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