Tity Boi - Lo Bootz Lyrics

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Tity Boi Lyrics

Lo Bootz Lyrics

In my lo boots [repeats]
Can you tell me is she wanna lick my...
Swagger to the max In my lo boots [repeats]

... shoe... lo boots turn up the world...
She's gonna lick my boots...
I told her I saw so many whores in my closet
Make my shit look like a stable
Crib like a zoo
... all type of flavors
This is not a boxer... you can check my...
And every time you see me tell them you fuck with...
I am used to and you are useless
Ain't no fucking difference...


I said to low lick the... let the boot show
... same color new for...
Hugging the... my pocket is used though
True clothes... use some
... yeah I am fly cute in that suicide...
I am used to the city noise pretty boys...
Silly boy I made classic... give me 50 more
Cause... your whore... look like the law
I had a... swagger tone...


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