Tity Boi - Sway In The Morning Freestyle Lyrics

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Tity Boi Lyrics

Sway In The Morning Freestyle Lyrics

If you can bless us with a accapella man,
Just, you know, verse some of that heat you do
So people can hear it clearly, 2 chainz
It would be highly appreciated by your homie here man
[2 Chainz:]
Alright now, you my hype man
[Sway:] OK, I got you! Don't worry
[2 Chainz:] And I pay, I pay my hype man!
[Sway:] Man, you just pay me attention!
[2 Chainz:] So if you want me to do a freestyle
You gone have to make sure my inbox, my lil paypal straight when I leave here
[Sway:] I got you, I got you
[2 Chainz:] OK!
[Sway:] And guess who gone play them records!
[2 Chainz:] All right, cool, all right!

[Rapping: 2 chainz]
My rhyme style real nonchalant
Trust me, rude boy ain't what you want
Heat your ass up have you doing somersaults
Then I dump you, trash your ass off in the garbage
Every week I get my car washed
This the life of a hustler this is not a facade
And what you're looking at is not a mirage
You probably seen me at the W, having minajs performing
Slap a lil ass, recording
I'm doing one sixty for my niggas in Porsches.
They say I'm speeding cause I'm on the far left side
I'm from the South but I'm smoking on the West Side
I'm in my best ride
I let my girl wash clothes on the G4
So I could let it jet dry.
And I'm the best I know it
And you ain't even noticed, until I rolled up on you in the lotus
Brushing dust off my shoulders like fuck it I'm focus
I'm fucking with bitches, that's only fucking with soldiers
Now listen! I got an old school to color okra
The tires as wide as Oprah, watching winter deproaching
Peace up! A town now you know I got that piece up
So I won't play around
I got an extra round!
Plus it got a clip on
Pollute your block, I put all that shit on it, 2 chainz

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