Tom Frager - Fall Lyrics

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Tom Frager Lyrics

Fall Lyrics

Only one time, one place I can feel that way
I could live my whole life...beeing here...
Stormy weather seems like
Forever gone away
Autumn swells travelled so long
To reach my bed

How good it is...
To be here and now
Cold breeze whispering trough my mind
Saying...winter's not that far
Just enough days to enjoy that really special time
Right before huddling around
The fire place,
Christmas time will come soon
With its white snow flakes

I realize that I've been searching for so long like you
And this is just the place where we belong to
Tell me when,
Will you drop by these empty shores again
Ocean child,
Jammin' sessions up the sand
Ocean child...

(Tom Curren)

In the pre dawn light I witnesse
Scrambling down through the thicket
Chasing barrels whistling
Ocean child has come at sun's first christening
A song of seasons ocean call
Changing seasons winter spring summer fall

I felt the hint of not so distant winter

I came to meet the peaks of hinter
Whispered wind of a southerly
Awakened me so suddenly
Scent of pine and sunburn cream
Another session beckoning

Ocean child in a weightless freefall
Ocean wild now I'm waitin in thrall
He reconnects in the nick of time
Ocean bosom he will climb

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