Too-Tall Grizzly - Brooks Was Here Lyrics

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Too-Tall Grizzly Lyrics

Brooks Was Here Lyrics

I've been a captive for as long as I could speak
I've slipped my hands off the cuffs
So I could cut my loss for words
Don't be so juvenile
I can hear you perseverating

This is a mad dash to the gate
And you're sitting on your heels
Hesitated nerves dry fire
Pull yourself together

Now I remember what it was that should have made it clear:
The lie that was the vow you made I know I heard you swear
Still I am confident that you would never stand by it
And now the search lights shed a light upon your façade

Liar, sheathe your tongue and mind your bluff
Shoulder some irresponsibility

I should've passed my judgment
I should've known you'd bail
I should've questioned everything
Instead of pulling dead weight

Still I shrug off the guards as they take aim
Just as much as I shrugged off your tangents
Just as much as I shrugged you off

Save your voice, it drowns in the alarm

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