Torture Squad - Under The Wings Of Empire Lyrics

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Torture Squad Lyrics

Under The Wings Of Empire Lyrics

Panzer division marching to kill
Bloody days... run to the hills
Feel the impact of the bombs in the land
And hear the song of the end
A lot of jews transported to hell
In your eyes a silent yell
Under the flag of superior race
Auschwitz-Birkenau... just disgrace

Under the wings of the empire

Slaves in a factory called death
Awful stench of burned flesh
Gas chambers working everyday
Scorching one by one total disarray
Trench of corpse rotting to the sky
Portrait of a mass homicide
Agony! Anguish! Nothing to feed
Old men, children dying by the breed

Under the wings of the empire
Wings of the empire
Under the wings of...
Wings of the empire!!!

Fuhrer rules with iron hands
In the name of the Deustchland
Made with blood and malevolence... goals!!!

Walk to death, cursed destiny
Pile of deads, enormous butchery
A cold cruelty behind of the barbed wire
Torture! Humiliation! Meanness desires
Dying vision, smell of demise
Seduced by slanders and his lies
The open wound of stupidity
Monsters living your own monstrosity

Under the flag of the job and liberty
Soldiers in service of the tyranny
Try to make a new reich
Remember the holocaust, aching pride
We don't need a new genocide
We don't want to hear the battle cry
I reject your repressive way
I spit on your swastika... and in your face

Under the wings of empire [bis]

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