Transmit Now - Everything's Alright Lyrics

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Transmit Now Lyrics

Everything's Alright Lyrics

This game is full of accidents and injuries
Watch me as I bleed

Pick me up and put me down again
This isn't about you, it's about me
I swear it to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth

I lie awake, I lie asleep through my teeth
Still I can't sleep
Commandeer a vehicle and let them drive you home
Still I need to know

I want to know that everything's alright
I want to know that everything will be alright
With who we are, and who we're suppose to be
The only answer, questions everything

This game is full of accidents
So injure me and watch the pieces fall
Collect yourself and your good health
And push against that which drags you down

I'll find a way

I'll find a way to believe you, still I will believe you

On the way home disregard the ambulance
Siren song, Siren song
As it's racing toward the open wound ahead

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