Transmit Now - Looking Up Lyrics

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Transmit Now Lyrics

Looking Up Lyrics

Oh my god my arms have failed me now
So place your bets but don't bet on me
I'll bet the house it will collapse and fall upon me now

I have never claimed to know anything
But this sentiment here won't get us anyway
I'm lost without a trace of how I disappeared
If this is how you feel…you should be then leave me out
Consider this a falling out

If that's all you wanted from me
Then take what you came for and be on your way
You say it like you mean it
I will believe it when I hear it
If that's all you wanted from me
It's time you move along time you move along quickly
Things were looking down, but things are looking up now

All my love my love has left me now, by now
Cheers to the changing of pace
To your heels in my back
To the things that I'm feeling we're not getting back
When you say…

Over and over again
That nothing will come out of this production
Eye to eye we won't see
But at times I'd like to see you out

It's all in the way that our words are overlapping
To the point that the silence right here says more than we could

It seems to me
The perfect words abandoning
Everything that's left to say
Has been said over again, and it's gotta mean something

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