Turin Brakes - Ether Song Lyrics

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Turin Brakes Lyrics

Ether Song Lyrics

In the ther, in the ether's air
Would you be there? Would you be my friend?
In the morning, in the morning rain
In the binary, of a data stream

On an airplane
On a radio
All around me
In the Ether's flow

Under an orange sun, under the sweet spell
Running from what I've become oh...
What am I running from
Oh what am I running from...?

You can't take a photograph of it at night
It lives in the code of a firefly buzzing
It vibrates through brickwalls, keeping their time
It cuddles the creeping chaos coming
I see it more clearly than ever before
I'm in it's invisible river aflowing
Thought everything I've ever been through before
Heads up, somethings really happening

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