Twila Paris - We Shall Assemble Lyrics

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Twila Paris Lyrics

We Shall Assemble Lyrics

Verse I
If you find that you're living
In a desert
never fear
Even though the earth is hard and dry
If you'll share what you've been given
New life will appear
Soon you'll see a river rushin' by


Spring water
Coming up from deep inside
Spring water
Holy Spirit purified
He knows how to distill it
All you gotta do is let Him spill it all around
Spring water
You just can't keep it in the ground

Verse II
Pour your life out
go ahead and give it all away
You'll get back a lot more than you gave
What will be tommorrow's promise
water every day
You can only lose the love you've saved.


CHORUS + repeat last 2 lines until end

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