Twisted Tower Dire - At Night Lyrics

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Twisted Tower Dire Lyrics

At Night Lyrics

At night I try to wake when it steals into my dreams
Shapeless one designed by hate is ever following
Frozen by an unseen force, I begin to suffocate
Words defy to tell the tales of this place hidden by night

And when the night falls on this town
Whose shadow moves without a sound

Come ride with us tonight
Fearless child of wind and fire
Let your burning heart take into flight
..Oh, At Night

Do what must be done, so fight!
Hold aloft your sword to the midnight sky

To fear the night's unknown is to give evil strength
Now he in wait because it's coming back again
So rise to meet the force that's tortured your beliefs
You'll find the will inside to show what evil brings

And when the sun starts going down
Who'll stay to see what comes around

Crystal clear are the eyes which gaze
Past The Neverness Sea into infinity

Tonight your ivory horse is waiting in the sky
The Nethermists now rise before the city's skyline
Vindication's come for those who've beat the odds
This time you're twice the wiser, knowing what once was

And when all is said and don
We'll see who's run or stood their ground

Face the one who walks at night
Before it's you who crosses into the light

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