Twisted Tower Dire - The Isle Of Hydra Lyrics

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Twisted Tower Dire Lyrics

The Isle Of Hydra Lyrics

Parting the waves of the dark unknown depths of the sea
Pointing our longboats on to the land of our dreams
Heeding the call of which I cannot evade
Face the wrath of the dragon of Hydra,
his fortune to claim

The battle's drawing nearer,
I'm sure he feels my presence
One shall be the victor,
and one shall fall

Out on the horizon, now coming clearer to view
The isle of Hydra, green on a blanket of blue
My pulse, it quickens, I know what danger lurks there
In the heart of the mountain of fire it must be his lair

Then in the span of ten heartbeats from out of the night
The thundering wings of the dragon returning from flight
The odour of ash and brimstone choking the room
We hide cloaked in darkness, awaiting the hour of Doom!

There's a calm just before the storm
A place that beckons to my soul
I'm blessed by the light
I'm strong for the fight
I will not be denied!

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