Twisted Tower Dire - The Reflecting Pool Lyrics

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Twisted Tower Dire Lyrics

The Reflecting Pool Lyrics

Silence has now fallen
It echoes thru the trees
Resonating energy
There's magic in the forest, for those who will believe
I wonder what the future holds for me
In the reflecting pool

We've spent a lifetime, searching for this place
Of which legend has sown
To peer into the years, and witness what shall be

Stories only time will tell

Beware of what you seek in the water
There's no escaping what you'll discover
Turn Away
Can you face what's been foretold in time
Don't tempt fate, the water doesn't lie

Is this a nightmare, we see before our eyes?
Such malice man has never known
We cannot seem to turn from this magnificent madness
Into the horror we are drawn

It's all too clear now, what has to be done
To save our world from bitter end
To ensue a life of peace for centuries to come
We enter the water one by one

He of the jackal is born, earthquakes tear the land
The abomination of desolation, 1260 days of tribulation
Unbefore seen atrocities, unrestrained savagery
Nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom
Fire erupts from the heavens

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