Tyrant - Devil's Pact Lyrics

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Tyrant Lyrics

Devil's Pact Lyrics

[a. Conjuration]

Thou, King of the damned, Lord of the hell
Hark his words!

Blessed are the vice, cursed is the holy!
These were days I believed
Unholy salvation should come to me
Dawn of the dark reign
End of the long sleep, I reborn through hate

Panalcarp Thou shalt give me a power
Baratron Thou never thought it was a crime
Sondennath Thou shalt cast a spell
Greissmodel Thou shalt be together with me

Thy king of the Abyss, avenge our blood!
Following close behind Death
Ancient serpent
Creeping the surface of dark Acheron
Forced anyone
To receive a mark, the number of the beast, 666

Ballisargon Thou shall give me a power
Morborgran Thou never thought it was a crime
Barman Thou shalt cast a spell over me
Baphomet Thou shalt be together with me

Open the ark of the covenant
There come the flashes of lightning
Their lord was crucified by their hand
Take your last breath!

Break the calm before the storm
There came the plague of hell
The sun and sky were darkened
The beast from the Abyss arrival

[b. Appearance]

[Devil's reply:]
"Who calls my name?"
"Prepare the blood of the goat that had been slain."
"Now the thousand years are over, I will be released from the abyss."
"The great day of wrath has come! Who can stand?"

The time has come
The plague will come
When they see the smoke of unholy torment

The time will come
Prepare the blood
Of sacrifice that has been slain again

Fallen angel saying:
"Tell them his wrath and the way to unholy Abyss!"
"Woe to the earth and the sea, old serpent has gone down to you!"

When I saw your eyes, the dragon stood
On the shore of the sea of Valhalla
I was in the unholy spirit
The beast, 666, came from the Abyss!

Devil's thunder-like voice echoes:
"Woe! Woe to the earth and the people who believe the holy,
Who has been crucified by Lucifer
Now the thousand years are over! The world ends...

I am betrayer
I am traitor to his soul

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