Tyrant - Ghost Waltz Lyrics

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Tyrant Lyrics

Ghost Waltz Lyrics

A meteor shoots across the sky again...
The river in heaven brims with stardusts
A love not returning forever shines in the air
Today, their departed souls become the stars at last

In the silence of the universe,
I'm looking for your soul
Where are you? Where I should go...
Stardusts are memories of those who left the deep rancour
Can I see you again? I'll be back to you...

Again! (Witches are flying high)
Again! (Into the shadows)
Again! (We are the one...)


The soul not setting in peace
Tonight is the night to waltz

Now when I see you, I take you Amanogawa
An then... the stars forever shine
Forever I cry...

A meteor shoots across the sky high
My soul flies high across the river
We'll be the one forever
We'll be the star

We were the one!
We are the one!
We'll be the one!

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