Tyrant - Mirage Beneath The Black Moon Lyrics

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Tyrant Lyrics

Mirage Beneath The Black Moon Lyrics

The voices calling my name from the dark
Is this the whispers of Satan??
The thunder crashing on the hell
Is the outrage of fallen angel??
Who is calling my name??

I saw the grave of myself
On the grave stone I found
"The brave man sleeps here forever"
The evil mourns for the dead
Beneath the black moon
I hold the funeral rites tonight

Lake of ters
Hopeless like,...I cry

The eyes watching me from far above
Can I escape from the one?
The dawn I will see tomorrow
Will never break forever
Who is watching me?

Eyes capture me
To strong power attack me
Enlighten the dead for thy king in Hell
The sea of blood I can see
Is the dream in the back of my mind
Be driven by the urge to kill myself

On the godforsaken land,I wander,I wander about

Is there a paradise where I can be reliever of all sins???
The nocturnal rite is being hold
On the top of the mountain
At last I get there

Funeral moon shines on my way
To the dark and endless destinations
I roam about...
For the kingdom of black wizards
Is what I seek alone mirage in my soul
Is..is this my paradise that I seek alone?

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