Tyrant - Prophecy Of Lucifer Lyrics

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Tyrant Lyrics

Prophecy Of Lucifer Lyrics

[a. Temptation]

Old serpent
Reigns over the soul of sinners
The tempter!
Lead us not into it!
Sweet temptation
Thee forbidden fruit they ate
Flame of hell
Burning the soul forever

Lost paradise...
Scorchh people with fire
It is done!
Into the hell
Spirits of demons
Who is the king?
Ancient serpent
Peals of thunder came!

Give'em the power
Set thou free
Their place will be...
No more the sun, but the darkness

[b. Warning]

"I warn anyone
who hears my prophecy.
I will add them (the plagues)
if they don't believe it."

Wrath hammer smash your soul into atoms

[c. Emptiness]

[d. Revenge]

We are traitors to his holy state
We betray his soul
Open the gate of the darkness

Avenge our blood on the angel of mercy
Crucified on the hill
Golgotha! Crucify! Bloody cross!

Avenge our bloody sword on the angel of war
Sacrifice for the devil
Gog and Magog! Suicide!

HE... NOW... DIES!!!

The sin that they ate the forbidden fruit is the mankind's fate
And so is for him to be crucified
Who rules the mankind's evil soul is the devil


Paradise lost
By the bloody sword
They lost all
By his evil hand

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