Tyrant - The God Of Winter Lyrics

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Tyrant Lyrics

The God Of Winter Lyrics

The winter has come,
We are being caught in the heavy storm
Clouds blacken all over the sky
A blizzard came up...

I had a nightmare last night
The flesh blood on the white snow
The ground is covered with the red
The cold winds blow hard...

I'm the god of winter, I rule

The frost freeze my soul
The place where the soul sleeps
The wind hash my fresh
The time when the rising moon...

The dark rules on the world
Cast the spell on the whole ground

The land covered with the snow
The blood on ice
The sun will never rise on this land

On the north wind I ride
The god of winter
Deathlike darkness
I'm the almighty
(I'm thy king in your soul!!)

A blizzard will come...
When I ride on the wind

I'm the mighty king
And you shall prostrate yourself
I'll take your Hades
You should burn in Hell, eternal flame
The falling angel lost their wing
And their soul, they lost mercy
Eternal winter has come
To my soul

The gods of winter will come
And I'm frozen to death

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